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IMG_6264Successful fundraising falls firmly on leadership’s ability to build a shared vision and take ownership of the campaign. The success of any major campaign depends on the following important factors:

LEADERSHIP – a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to the ultimate success of the campaign.

RATIONALE FOR SUPPORT – a compelling case which motivates and inspires prospects to invest in the program. A campaign is about Vision, Dreams, Beliefs and Mission…not just needs.

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT – RDG’s professional sales oriented approach, which will effectively communicate how supporting the economic development campaign will benefit businesses and residents located throughout the region.

We begin every fundraising effort with a proven, step-by-step approach. We assist Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Corporations and Public/Private Partnerships to:

  • Develop their strategic vision and business plan
  • Prioritize program initiatives
  • Validate program objectives
  • Secure leadership consensus
  • Create broad-based ownership

…….. all well in advance of any funding campaign.

A step by step approach.

Alignment Session

Community Assessment

Campaign Process

Campaign Preparation


Campaign Close-out

We will facilitate a program planning session with Board leadership and staff to fully analyze the organization’s vision, mission, current program of work and budget and its proposed program and budget. The outcome of this session will allow us to create the framework to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the organization, its program of work and operating budget.

A Pre-Case Document will be created and utilized during the Assessment interviews to inform strategic partners, program stakeholders and prospective investors about program initiatives, and measure their responsiveness and potential support for the proposed plan and budget projections.

The assessment process, usually conducted in six to eight weeks, will allow an economic development organization, with the aid of Resource Development Group, to objectively evaluate:

  • Its image in the community;
  • How its case for fund raising is viewed by leaders and stakeholders;
  • The most appropriate program of work to be implemented and executed;
  • How local leaders will assist in the campaign;
  • Determine the financial capacity and propensity of potential investors
  • Potential challenges to successfully completing a broad-based campaign.

Often we recommend a very thorough and comprehensive assessment process with RDG partners conducting 50+ confidential one-on-one interviews with key business, community and governmental leaders throughout the region. Assessment participants will be identified with the direct input from Board leadership and staff.

At the conclusion of the community assessment process, we will present a detailed and comprehensive report including:

  • Key leadership and consensus findings
  • Organizational, programmatic and funding recommendations
  • Campaign strategies and outline

Our campaign management process is designed to maximize your leadership’s resources while minimizing their time commitment to soliciting funds. Our direct solicitation approach allows Board Members and Campaign Leadership to provide the overall campaign strategy and leadership, while we take responsibility for the time consuming daily activities of prospect identification, appointment scheduling, conducting solicitation calls, making group presentations, prospect follow up and complete campaign management.

We believe that with Board Members and Campaign Leaders providing the public leadership, while we utilize our more than 100 years of combined direct-solicitation experience, every member of the team can play the role with which they are most comfortable, thus delivering the most value to the success of the campaign.

We implement a proven, turnkey approach to developing all of the necessary logistical and administrative systems in preparation for a broad-based funding campaign. We provide guidance and work with your Board leadership to accomplish the following tasks in campaign preparation:

  • Finalize Case Statement
  • Create the campaign brochure and all collateral materials
  • Identify and recruit campaign leadership
  • Create the master prospect list, complete rating & screening and establish sector solicitation strategies

We will solicit the “First Tier” prospects in partnership with selected members of the campaign leadership team. Early in the campaign, we will solicit all “long range” prospects including foundations, associations and remotely headquartered corporations.

After securing financial commitments from first tier leadership investors, we initiate an aggressive schedule to solicit second and third tier prospects in accordance with our sector funding strategies. Throughout this process, RDG meets regularly with campaign leadership to refine solicitation strategies, schedule executive briefings, monitor campaign progress, and plan campaign events.

Upon the successful completion of the campaign, we will present a comprehensive campaign close-out report and assist in implementing a pledge redemption, accounting and investor relations program.

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