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Resource Development Group provides premier planning and fundraising consulting to economic development providers across the country. The only firm in the USA that works exclusively for economic development organizations, we have helped clients generate over $1.5 billion in operating revenue. We pride ourselves on providing the most professional, cutting edge campaign management process available. All of our client engagements include utilization of our goal setting methodology and our online Campaign Manager System. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our firm and allow us to help your organization Fund its Vision!

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All RDG engagements begin with a Concept Audit, which is our independent, objective assessment of your marketplace and specifically the potential to adequately fund your key economic development programs and initiatives.

Each Concept Audit consists of four key components:

Confidential Interviews of key current and potential stakeholders. Usually a pool of 40 to 75 private and public sector leaders will be included in this process.

Targeted Focus Groups are often included as a supplement to the individual interviews to ensure appropriate geographic and economic balance and diversity.

Philanthropic Foundation Screen to investigate possible non-traditional sources of revenue that may be available for specific programming.

Financial Feasibility utilizing RDG’s proven methodology for setting aggressive but attainable funding goals.

The cornerstone of RDG’s product mix is direct solicitation funding campaigns. The direct solicitation approach generally maximizes dollars in the shortest period of time. RDG Principals and Partners will guide you through the campaign process from beginning to end and we will make all of the solicitation calls! This saves your leadership to provide oversight and direction for your programming and an overall vision for your organization. Plus, when you really need them for that critical solicitation for a program, sponsorship or special project, they will be there for you because you have not exhausted them on a volunteer driven capital campaign.

The Principals of RDG were among the first to design and implement economic development funding campaigns using the direct solicitation approach. We created the approach, improved the process and continue to refine this proven technique today.

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Some situations suggest a model that includes elements of both Direct Solicitation Funding Campaigns and Campaign Management. RDG’s Hybrid Campaign Model allows us to design the system that works best for you. RDG will be responsible for making a certain number of pre-identified solicitations, while the client organization will retain responsibility for others. RDG will also provide complete oversight and management of the overall campaign. This provides another lower cost alternative to a Direct Solicitation Campaign.

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Different circumstances require different funding models and RDG’s job is to design the best model for you. Sometimes client organizations already have a development infrastructure in place that with appropriate adjustments can be utilized for a major capital campaign. RDG will independently assess your internal and volunteer capacity and capabilities and in certain circumstances will recommend an overlay of campaign direction and management, rather than a full scale direct solicitation funding campaign.

Again, RDG’s goal is to define the most efficient and effective method for maximizing economic development resources in your marketplace. RDG’s Campaign Management model can provide an excellent low- cost resource for mature organizations that may benefit from outside counsel and support.

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RDG also offers consulting services based on the specific needs of client organizations. This includes volunteer and staff training, fundraising basics, utilization of RDG’s campaign model, and availability of RDG’s online Campaign Manager System.

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Sometimes organizations are not aligned properly for a successful campaign. RDG offers in depth organizational reviews that identify and correct barriers to fundraising success. Our organizational/board restructuring process is frequently combined with a best practice study.

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RDG’s best practice study is designed to take an organization to the next level. RDG will identify organizations from comparable markets across the U.S. to review and find applicable client solutions. This can position the organization to successfully engage the market and board, implement the best new strategies and programs and possibly prepare to move into a Concept Audit and funding campaign.

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RDG offers facilitation services for board and staff retreats, visioning processes and board alignment sessions.

Working for you.

Our clients recognize that successful fundraising campaigns begin with a strong partnership and shared vision. Experienced RDG consultants meet with your organization’s board or leadership team to develop a strategic approach specific to your needs and goals – a proven formula that leads to quantifiable, attainable results.

The traditional campaign process begins with a comprehensive Concept Audit, which includes a funding feasibility, and transitions into a direct solicitation or hybrid campaign depending upon the clients need. In addition, circumstances sometimes suggest specific solutions, including organizational and board restructuring, best practice studies and facilitation of visioning processes and board retreats.

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